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Pinner and Northwood Business Club Charitable gifting
The Committee will take into consideration the appropriateness of any request for a donation based upon the following criteria which should not considered to be exhaustive as other factors, which in the opinion of the Committee should be considered, may take precedence.
1) In the first instance we will look to support charities, organisations and individuals who reside within the Harrow and Hillingdon council areas.

2) We will support, but not exclusively, organisations that are involved with children, medical conditions (both mental and physical), schools, churches and other places of worship, and the local community.

3) We will endeavour to aim our donations towards capital needs rather than the general day-to-day expenses of the donee.

4) We will consider donations to National Charities in certain circumstances where the funds will be used specifically for a local need/project. Over riding all of the above considerations is the overarching principle that the funds we donate should be helping build a better local community environment for the people of Pinner, Northwood and the surrounding areas.

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