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Dear all
Firstly, I’d like thank you for your continued support as I take over from a very successful chair, Les Conway. Les and his committee have been the back bone to the success of the Business Club. He has the flair and the enthusiasm to not only implement successful strategies within the Business Club but also community wide projects. I hope I am able, with the help of the committee, to continue his footsteps.
As part of my tenure, I wanted to bring reinstate the ethos of the Pinner & Northwood Business Club and it is that the club is essentially a ‘business club’ to bring together businesses in Pinner and Northwood together for growth. At the AGM, in February, I put it to the members regarding introducing change and this was welcomed with enthusiasm.
In order to do this, the committee went back to the drawing board to shake things up introducing new ideas for networking such as early evening meeting at a local business for traders to be able to come together. We think that the new exciting initiative will give local trade and businesses a new outlook to the club. In addition to this we have introduced a quiz night as part of the social aspect of the club, thus appealing to the community at large.
It will be a pleasure to welcome current members to the club meetings, return of past members and new members to our fantastic new layout for the networking agenda for the year.

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